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Yes, I Would Like My
Credit Scores Fixed


How We Are Much Better

The Problem With
the “Other Guys.”

  • Worried about having to pay monthly fees that can drag on for years without knowing what you are paying for?
  • Are you protected by a $100,000 surety bond incase the company that you hired accidentally causes more damages to your credit?
  • Scared about investing thousands of dollars upfront with a credit repair company that’s not with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Wondering if the money you are about to give upfront to a friendly stranger is going to disappear on you?
  • Don’t let them delay your progress by disputing only few accounts per month, so they can make more money from you.

Our Perfect Solution

No Monthly Fees:

Most credit repair companies will charge you a work fee even if they produce no result for you. We don’t do that.

Zero Risk:

If we don’t get results for you, our contracts says that we will have to give you back every penny. So, there is Zero Risk.

Always Win/Win:

We design all of programs to align our interest with our clients. We approach the solution together as a team. If the client doesn’t win, we don’t win.

Pay After:

You will only get an invoice after you get results and proof of the deletion. You will know exactly what you are paying for.

$100,000 Surety Bond Assured

You Are Protected:

If we fail to meet our obligations in our contract, you are protected by the surety bond.


We are the principal, and purchased the bond and agree to perform the work in a compliant manner.


The oblige is the State of California. Our state wants to make sure that you are protected.

We Are Highly Recommended By Our Happy Clients


ACS credit has always kept me and my family smiling from the results of our credit score for the past few years. My credit score was at a low 500. But when I joined acscredit. It took 3 months for my score to go from 500 to 797. My dad also had 6 items in collection with a low score. Now he has no items in collection with a credit score at 756, thanks to ACScredit. If anyone joins ACScredit, I promise you, you want regret it and will end up with an excellent credit score.

Joshua H., | Vallejo, CA


Thank You so much ACS!! I got my Experian report in the mail yesterday and 8 out of 15 items have been deleted. I can’t tell you how excited we are to get our credit back in shape. You guys truly do what you say you do…just like your representative told us. Thank you again for all you have done for us!

Julie and Rick, | Everett, WA


As a business owner, I needed to buy equipment for my restaurant. US Bank denied my equipment loan and I didn’t know why. I did a lot of research online to find a good credit repair company and lucky I found ACS really close by. Not only did they give me great advice on credit, they also gave me a lot of valuable information about what the banks what to see on my credit report before they would approve me. They guys know their stuff. Without a doubt, I highly recommend them.

Gosh B., | San Leandro, CA

Pay-Per-Deletion Program Overview

Our program is very simple. We charge $75 per item that is repaired, and you pay as you go. Let’s say we remove 5 items on the first round, then we’ll send you an invoice for $375, but at the same time we will continue to try to get the rest fixed. Even if your collection account is $7500 dollars, it is still $75 per removal. That’s it.

Unlike most other credit repair companies which will charge you a $150 monthly fee (usually for 6 - 10 months) whether or not they produce results for you. With our PPD program, you are only invoiced for results or for what is deleted. Another very important difference with ACS is that we will use 3 different techniques to achieve the best results for you, rather than just sending out basic “It’s not mine” letters.

How It Works


Send us your credit report.


We will analyze your credit report, then we will send you a detailed breakdown and give you recommendations specific to your file; at no cost to you.


If you agree, we will gather a few documents from you and we will handle all of the details for you. Easy.